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The Stand King

Our newest addition, The Stand King offers two fullsize commercial steam tables with pans and lids, 2 onboard non-mechanical coolers, pressurized water system and much more.
  • Our Stand In Cart
  • Huge work area, Extra Large Double Capacity Steam Table
  • Grill and Griddle Options
  • Towable
Retail $16,900.00
Our Price $12,999.00
Hot Dog Mafia Member Price: $9,997.00
You Save: $3,901.00


Availability: Usually Ships in 6 to 8 Weeks
Product Code : SK

Step 1: Deep Fryer

Large Single Basket LP Gas Deep Fryer [Add $1,083.00]
Step 2: Taller Faucet & Splash Guard

Use only with 2 or more sinks:
Yes [Add $117.00]
Step 3: Commercial Hood System

[Add $3,899.00]
Step 4: Grill or Griddle

Step 5: Number Of Sinks

Step 6: AC/DC Mechanical Fridge Freezer



Cart Dimensions (for more detail please see schematics link above)

High Resolution Cart Schematics (CLICK) Interior / Exterior

Overall Body: 6′ X 10′ (New Size)

Wheel to Wheel Width: 81.5 Inches

Body Width: 72.5 Inches

Length: 127 Inches

Length with tongue: 164 Inches

Step Up Height: 18 Inches

Serving Window: 5′ x 4′ high

Outside Height: 100 Inches

Inside Height: 90 Inches

Gross Weight: 2990

POWER SOURCE Grill or Griddle:

It’s your choice! Choose to have a stainless steel commercial griddle or charbroil style stainless steel grill. Grill: The Stainless Steel ANSI Certified grill with over 200 square inches of cooking space will allow you to make Ben’s Famous Coke Onions or the popular bacon wrapped grilled hot dogs. Includes electric ignition switch for easy lighting, grease trap and is permanently mounted between the two full size steam tables.

Griddle: The Stainless Steel Commercial gas griddle is perfect for breakfast items, pancakes, fajitas and much, much more. With a surface cook area of 17” x 25” you can keep up with the crowds easily.

Steam Tables: Two commercial custom designed steam tables are included. Mounted at the front and just below the exhaust fan, they come complete with pans and roll top lids. Both include a spillage/steam pan but can be removed easily for direct heat applications. (Don’t Understand Steam Tables and Pans? LEARN MORE HERE) Included are one 1/2 size perforated pan, two 1/4 pans and three 1/3 size pans. You’ll never run out of cooking space with this set up and it’s all included with the Stand King. 2 – 30# LP Gas tanks are included and mounted with easy read color changing gauge and tank switcher on the front of trailer.


The Stand King concession trailer comes standard with an oversized water system. With 12 gallons of fresh water and 19 gallons of waste storage, you’ll have plenty for an all day gig. Fill the fresh water from inside and drain the waste underneath in an approved container. Both tanks are easily accessible for filling, cleaning and draining.

Most states will require only one sink but you can have up to four. Sinks are 6.5” wide x 12” long and are 6” deep. Plenty of room to wash, rinse and sanitize cooking utensils. Chose your number of sinks during checkout but remember, less sinks gives you more room inside. We advise only opting for multiple sinks if you are required to do so by your state HD.

The water system is powered by a 12v pump which works without switches. Simply turning on a faucet triggers the on-demand pump to turn on. Included with the water system is a on-demand, instant LP gas hot water heater. This provides you with instant hot water without having a hot water tank.


The Stand King is designed perfectly so that it doesn’t rock or shake while you move around. The axle is mounted near the rear and we’ve designed the weight distribution features to prevent instability. You’ll feel like you’re inside a brick and mortar restaurant when it comes to stability.


You can use any 12v battery and just like our carts, we recommend a lawnmower or motorcycle battery to run your on demand water system. With a rate of one gallon per minute, you’ll never have to worry about water flow.


Once at your location, simply slide your serving shelf into place. It’ fits perfectly across the serving window and is held in place with a few wing nuts. Made of 100% NSF 304 Grade Stainless Steel you’ll be able to set condiments, a napkin dispenser or any number of items on it for your customers convenience. Have a big order, use this handy removable shelf to line up the order as you prepare each meal.


Built in to the counter are two well insulated non-mechanical coolers. 100qt size holds up to 160 can drinks and the 70qt meat cooler will give you plenty of room for your cold products. Obviously doing large events will require additional portable coolers. Each cooler has an NSF certified, split top insulated lid for easy access. (see images)


Even with all the features, there is still room for shelving of your choosing. You can attach corner racks or wall hooks and add to the overall use that you may need. We have found that Lowes and Home Depot have many coated wire racks that you could add to the inside.


Interior: Dual overhead LED lighting is standard on each Stand King Concession Trailer. With your own 12 volt battery you can run your lights throughout several nights in a row. (battery not included)

If your new Stand King is left hooked up to your vehicle, the lighting inside will work via your own vehicle power supply. We recommend you use a separate battery that you can recharge each week. If you supply your own battery instead of using the vehicle power supply, it will also run your water pump.

Exterior trailer lights are DOT approved and are also LED. You’ll love the modern strip lighting on the rear and side marker lights. Exterior lights run off of the towing automobiles power supply.


Just above the steam tables and grill is an electric exhaust fan that will safely remove any smoke and help keep air flow moving throughout the unit. The fan can be powered with the same customer supplied battery that runs interior lights and water system.


Full size Trailer wheels – 205/75-15 (15” Wheels)


BensCarts has a true stand in cart / concession trailer. Based off the King Kiosk, this 5 X 8 Trailer will allow you to steam, boil, grill or griddle all while looking sexy and staying dry. Two full size steam tables allow for a myriad of cooking options and a wider menu selection. Use the direct heat pan set up to cook fast and serve hundreds daily.

Room for two, the Stand King allows you to have one person serving and collecting the cash while another person cooks up the delicious foods. Being enclosed allows you to serve just about anything, from hamburgers, soups, sausages, chili and much, much more.

Choose the gas fired charbroil grill or the gas fired commercial griddle and it will be mounted between the two full size steam tables. A removable serving shelf and plenty of counter space will help you serve fast and keep your lines moving along. No more checking the weather reports, with the Stand King you’ll be able to serve food in the dry. Learn more about the quality and features below. All Food Contact Areas are NSF Certified Or Meet ANSI Standard 59.Warning!

Before buying a cart, do your due diligence. Make sure you buy a cart that meets your states codes and requirements. I don't want you to buy a cart that you can't use. Simply download or email the cart brochure to your health department and get pre-approved before purchasing. For full details see our free training section.

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