American Dreams, Inc. DBA: BensCarts
The Most Cart For Your Money

Ben was a successful owner of multiple furniture stores until just a few years ago and he lost everything. Homes, cars, land, a farm and all kinds of toys were all gone in a flash. Bankruptcy followed and then panic.

After reading a story about a hot dog vendor family in Texas, Ben begged borrowed and stole enough money to get a hot dog cart. 7 weeks later he had 3 carts and business was booming. He had some major ups and downs due to inexperience but came through it all.

Ben teaches via free videos, writes a blog and co-hosts a weekly live internet radio show. All for free and all for you.

You will find him daily answering over 100 phone calls and as many emails helping people get started. Even non-customers have come to know that Ben will help them irregardless.

Take advantage of all the free information and visit BensCarts Facebook page and talk with some other vendors.

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