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Lil' Dog Cart


For those in the hustle and bustle locations, where pushing your cart down crowded streets is required and when you still need all the features of a bigger cart, this is it!  The Lil' Dog!  Loaded up, but agile.  Be sure to check out the interactive brochure on this page and now you can share with friends or the health inspector for you pre-approval as it includes schematics.
Retail $3,199.00
Our Price $2,899.00
Hot Dog Mafia Member Price: $2,699.00
You Save: $300.00


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Product Code : LDC

Step 1: Continuous Flow H20 Heater

Hot water never runs out [Add $199.00]
Step 2: Splash Guard to 1 Sink

Yes [Add $117.00]
Step 3: Electric Cart

Make My Cart Electric 110V [Add $387.00]
Step 4: Number of Sinks

Step 5: Battery

Step 6: Roll Back Top

Step 6: Warranty


Power Source

The dual (2) commercial burners in the full size steam table are powered by LP Propane Gas. Dual control knobs are standard and allow you to cook more evenly. Burners are lined with holes for even heating and wind resistance. BensCarts uses the best equipment on the market to ensure faithful service from your cart. Under the bread box is a hidden storage area for two full size 20# propane tanks. Many states require you have two propane tanks in case you run out of gas in one, you have a back up. No exposed tanks makes for a safer cart and a professional appearance. A single gas line runs from the burners to the propane storage area and allows you to hook up one tank. A high end LP regulator is included with an easy twist on/off connection.

Steam table

The steam table can accommodate various size pots with lids. You can use the steamer for hot dogs, buns, chili, cheese, sauerkraut and more. Comes standard with large steam table which includes; Three 1/3 size NSF pans and lids and a full size spillage pan.

Sinks and Water System

The cart comes standard with 4 stainless steel sinks with a hot and cold pressurized water system with no clog drains, a 5 gallon clear water tank and a 7.5 gallon tank for waste water. You can select 1, 2, 3 or 4 sinks at no additional cost. If you want less than 4 sinks, please note this in the comments section during ordering. Sinks areapprox. 5”X 6” and 4” deep. Water system, including all fittings and copper and PEX lines are NSF certified. Choosing less sinks will enlarge sinks at no additional cost. Waste water tank is fixed under the cart body and out of view. It includes a valve for easy draining and comes standard with back flow prevention. Pressure is supplied by the commercial 12v pump. (battery not included) Hot water is supplied via a copper tube that is over the burners, heat from the burners provides the hot water. For more details and information on a continuous hot water system CLICK HERE Water system is vented and is set up to be sanitized easily as required.

Bread box storage

The bread box is any products, no annoying space used up by a water tank. Has two sliding stainless steel doors for easy access. A great space for bun storage, foil and extra napkins and stuff.


The 5 ft. wooden market umbrella comes in RED The umbrella holder is in the center of the cart, which gives you perfect shade.

Pressurized Water System

With your 12v. lawnmower or motorcycle battery you can power the included pump that will give you pressurized water. This on demand pump knows when you open the faucet and comes on.

Stow Case

Inside the enclosed water systems compartment is a little room for extra storage.

Meat/Beverage Cooler

This fully insulated cooler has a hinged lid for easy access. It is rated to hold ice for up to 5 days in 90 degree temperatures. Most vendors don't use this cooler for drinks and store extra dogs and condiments here. You will always need a large cooler for drinks, my freestanding cooler holds 300 drinks.

Trailer / Tires

Perfect size industrial bike wheels and tires for those sidewalk gigs and in tight spots. Easy to push around, simply load onto a truck or trailer for transportation. A third wheel is standard for easy moving.

Rear Condiment Shelf

The rear rack/shelf holds the sinks but allows plenty of room for your ketchup/mustard pumps, napkins or other condiments.

Third Wheel

And maneuverability. You will love how easy this little cart moves around, even loaded down.


Before buying a cart, do your due diligence. Make sure you buy a cart that meets your states codes and requirements. I don't want you to buy a cart that you can't use. Simply download or email the cart brochure to your health department and get pre-approved before purchasing. For full details see our free training section.

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